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December 2019

When to replace furnace _ Featured Image
December 20, 2019

When to Replace A Furnace?

  The cold weather season is here and it’s time for you to make sure your furnace is ready to keep you warm this winter.     Furnaces are not designed to last forever, but how do you know when it’s time to have it replaced? We understand that a new furnace is not cheap, so before you go shopping for a replacement, it’s …

How do I clean my furnace? | The Energy Centre
December 06, 2019

How to Clean a Furnace

  One of the biggest obstacles of a properly functioning furnace is dirt and debris. A dirty furnace results in wasted fuel and significantly lowers efficiency. Preventative maintenance is crucial to ensuring that dust and debris is removed before it affects the components of your furnace. If you want to keep your heating system working in peak condition, regular cleaning is required.     A …