5 easy maintenance tips to get your air conditioning ready for summer

Published On: June 28, 2017Categories: Air Conditioners

Things are starting to heat up in Ottawa and that means people all across the city will be turning on their air conditioning in an effort to keep cool. If you want to beat the summer heat, now’s a good time to make sure that your air conditioning is in good repair. Give your AC unit the TLC it needs with the following five tips.

1. Clear away debris
Remove the cover to your outdoor unit and clear away any leaves, dirt or debris that has accumulated around it. Stray garbage and leaves often get blown into your air conditioner’s coils and can damage the unit if not removed. Clear away anything that shouldn’t be there and trim back any vegetation that’s growing too close to the unit.

2. Replace pipe insulation
Extreme winter weather, high winds and even small animals can all cause damage to the insulation that protects the line carrying refrigerant around the air conditioning unit. Inspect your air conditioner for any signs of wear or damage and replace pipe insulation if necessary.

3. Clean the supply vents
Open up all the vents and make sure they’re free from debris. The supply and return vents move air through your air conditioner so it’s important that they’re clean. A build-up of debris could impair the proper functioning of your unit and fill your house with dust and allergens.

4. Clean the condenser coils
Your air conditioner’s condenser looks like a large fan. It’s important to clean the condenser at the beginning of every season. Trash, leaves and other debris can easily damage the fan blades or find its way into the condenser’s coils. Disconnect the power to the unit before cleaning to avoid injury.

5. Change your air filter
Both your AC and heating units have air filters that need to be changed regularly to keep them operating at maximum efficiency. Just like your supply vents, clogged and dirty filters not only make your air conditioning unit less energy efficient but they can also pump dirty air throughout your home.

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