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Should I Get a Ducane Furnace?
January 03, 2022

Should I Get a Ducane Furnace?

Which furnace will best meet the needs of your home in Ottawa? Ducane provides an array of options. It’s important to base your choice on more than just price. For example, consider the longevity and efficiency of your top picks! If you need help measuring your home to determine the right size furnace, you can count on The Energy Centre for efficient gas and electric furnace installation in Ottawa.  Ducane furnaces are both affordable and energy efficient. We’ve listed some of the …

Armstrong Air® Furnace
December 06, 2021

Should I Get an Armstrong Air® Furnace for My Ottawa Home?

Expert Insights from Your Trusted Local HVAC Experts at The Energy Centre  Furnace installation in Ottawa or even an upgrade, is a big investment decision for any homeowner. From the size, power and installation costs to the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings, maintenance expenses, and warranties, you may consider a range of aspects while comparing different furnace brands. One such trusted and reliable brand that promises efficient heating, low energy bills, and reliable performance is Armstrong Air®. Read on to understand whether an Armstrong …

Should I Get An Aire-Flo Furnace?
November 08, 2021

Aire-Flo® Furnaces Offer Reliability and Quality

Are They the Right Furnace for Your Ottawa Home? Looking to replace or upgrade the furnace in your Ottawa home? Are you currently evaluating a few different brands to compare and choose the one that best meets your requirements and budget? As one of the most time-tested names in durable and reliable gas furnaces, Aire-Flo® furnaces are highly likely to make it to your shortlist. …

October 05, 2021

Which Furnace Suits My Needs Best?

A Comparison of Top Furnace Brands by Your HVAC Experts in Ottawa Deciding on a new furnace installation in Ottawa is a critical decision for any homeowner. Once you finalize an option and go through with the installation, you are unlikely to replace this equipment for the next 12 to 15 years. It is important to invest in a brand that delivers value on your …

September 13, 2021

How Often Should I Have My AC Serviced?

At Least Once a Year, Suggests Ottawa’s Trusted AC Experts   AC servicing is an important step in ensuring optimum performance and efficiency for your air conditioning unit. Besides extending the life of your AC, regular servicing and tune-ups will also help in reducing cooling costs and improving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of your Ottawa home. While there is no set limit on how …

August 27, 2021

How Do I Know If My Air Conditioner Will Last Another Year?

Your Trusted AC Experts in Ottawa Offer Tips on When to Replace an Old AC   If your Ottawa home’s cooling is currently dependent on an old and tired air conditioning unit, it may be time for you to decide between AC maintenance and AC replacement for the current year. With routine servicing and timely repairs, most ACs will last up to 10 to 15 …

Should I Get an Air Conditioner this Year?
July 22, 2021

Should I Get an Air Conditioner this Year?

Insights from Your Trusted AC Experts in Ottawa   As a homeowner, deciding where and how to invest your home improvement budget each year can be a tough choice. Update the kitchen, renovate the bathroom, finish the basement, or upgrade old appliances? There may be multiple items on your wish list, and prioritizing these items isn’t always an easy decision. This dilemma extends to your …

Ways to lower your AC costs in Ottawa this summer
June 10, 2021

Ways to Lower Your AC Costs in Ottawa this Summer

  While we all wait for the warm weather after the cold hard days of winter, the Ottawa summer is not something to treat lightly. Scorching hot heat waves can force people inside for weeks at a time and push HVAC units to their max to keep homes cool. An air-conditioned home can lead to quick relief from the heat, but it can also lead …

June 01, 2021

How to Know When Your AC Unit Needs Replacing

  An efficient AC unit is an important feature to have in your home. If you can’t quite reach a comfortable temperature when you’re indoors or notice that your energy bills have sky-rocketed, it may be time to re-evaluate your air conditioner and consider investing in a new, more energy-efficient model. When your air conditioner stops working as effectively as it did in previous years, …

Home Heating Unit
April 23, 2021

How to Tell When it’s Time to Upgrade Your Heating Unit

While you may not give it a second thought when it’s working properly, your heating unit is an important part of your home. You depend on it to keep you and your loved ones safe and comfortable when the temperatures drop, making it an extremely valuable piece of equipment. However, when it isn’t functioning as well as it should, or you start to notice that …

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