How can homeowners assess the expertise and experience of air conditioner installation companies in Ottawa?

Published On: May 31, 2024Categories: Air Conditioners

The summer heat is coming soon in Ottawa. Are you nervous that your system for air conditioning won’t cool your home the way it should? A good air conditioning system can only be installed by an experienced team of experts. The easy way to look for the right company is to understand their approach. It will help you prepare for the right decisions, so you don’t have to experience unnecessary disturbances or costs. This quick guide will help you understand how to find the right HVAC company in Ottawa to install or repair your air conditioner. 

Understand the Company’s Background and Reputation

The first thing to do when assessing any company to install an air conditioner in your home is to look at who they are as a company. How long has that company been operating in the community? How are they rated by existing customers? At The Energy Centre, we are well established in the community and known for our longevity of service and customer satisfaction. This means that you can trust us for a successful installation. 

Check Certifications and Associations

Something that sets a professional business apart is certification. If you require air conditioner service in Ottawa you should look for a reputable company that shows evidence of industry certification. A certification may guarantee that the company conforms to certain standards of quality and ethical practice. Also, membership in industry associations such as the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) may prove that a company is committed to keeping up with current best practices in both HVAC technology and customer service. 

Dive into Customer Reviews and Feedback

In the digital age, it’s never been so easy to read what actual customers have to say. Individual websites such as Google Reviews, Yelp and local forums can help paint a picture of real, documented experiences. Read comments about how well they showed up on time, were professional and stuck to a budget. Read comments about the quality of the actual installation. Pay attention to how a company responds to good and bad reviews, as this might give you an idea of their customer service ethic as well. 

Consider the Scope of Services Offered

Some HVAC companies install and maintain only residential or commercial systems, while others offer a full slate of services that might include maintenance, repair and emergency services. Having a service professional who offers a full variety of services can be advantageous because when your air conditioner suddenly needs repair or regular maintenance, it’s good to have a single qualified HVAC professional who already knows your system and processes. 

Evaluate Costs and Financing Options

You need to know how your air conditioner installation will impact your bank account.  Ask for a detailed quote from a few different providers and be sure to compare prices for the services you need. Be sure your quotes include all the possible expenses that come with the installation of a new air conditioner: equipment, labour and anything else you might encounter. You may also want to look for financing to help manage the expense of a new air conditioner. 

At The Energy Centre in Ottawa, we will offer an unbelievable deal not only on price but the transparent way in which we explain what you’re being charged for. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home estimate.