How to Clean a Furnace

Published On: December 6, 2019Categories: Furnaces

One of the biggest obstacles of a properly functioning furnace is dirt and debris. A dirty furnace results in wasted fuel and significantly lowers efficiency. Preventative maintenance is crucial to ensuring that dust and debris is removed before it affects the components of your furnace. If you want to keep your heating system working in peak condition, regular cleaning is required.

A Guide to Furnace Cleaning

Cleaning your furnace is one of the most important aspects of routine maintenance. Fortunately, if you can commit to a few hours and a little elbow grease, you can help your heating system remain in good condition for many years to come. If you are not comfortable or don’t have the time to handle the task, it’s best to call in trained and certified HVAC technicians.

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Clean the Burner:

Before cleaning your furnace, shut off the power source. Next, gather your tools and remove the furnace door to access the burner cover. Remove it and use a vacuum with a wand extension to reach as far back as you can. If cleaning is done properly, burner flame should be blue. If your burners are still dirty, the flames will burn yellow. If you notice any signs of soot or need to have your burners adjusted, call the professionals.

Clean the Blower:

Carefully remove the blower and gently clean it off using a toothbrush and vacuum. Try your best not to disturb the wiring and counterweights while cleaning and make sure you dislodge and remove any dirt that is caught between each fan blade.

Inspect and Replace the Filter:

Your furnace filter should be replaced every 3 months to protect the rest of your heating system and replaced every month once it is in a cycle of continuous use. You will notice if your filter is clogged and needs to be replaced, by holding it up to a light. Make sure to use the same size and type of filter since an upgrade can strain the furnace.

Cost of Professional Furnace Cleaning:

Prices for a furnace cleaning can cost between $60 and $80 depending on several factors including what your maintenance package includes. Fortunately, we offer the best service rates in Ottawa. Contact us directly for more information.

Quality Furnace Cleaning Services

As heating season gets underway, now is the perfect time to clean your furnace before relying on it for regular use in the winter. If you are looking for an easier and faster way to have your furnace cleaned, the experts at The Energy Centre are here to help. With nearly 25 years of industry experience, we know how to help you avoid unnecessary repairs through regular tune-ups and cleaning. Extend the life of your furnace with our convenient and affordable maintenance services today.

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For professional furnace cleaning and maintenance services, contact the team at The Energy Centre. Schedule your maintenance appointment by calling 613-746-7000 or contact us online to learn about our other services.