How to Clean Your Central Air Conditioner?

Published On: August 27, 2019Categories: Air Conditioners

Your air conditioner may be the top brand and latest model, but it will only be as efficient as the maintenance it receives. One critical maintenance task is cleaning your air conditioner.

A clean unit is always more efficient, and the more regularly you clean it, the more you maximize its energy efficiency – which means better savings year-round. Cleaning an air conditioner is not a simple “hose it down” task, Multiple components of an air conditioner must be cleaned out, including:

The Condenser Unit

How to clean the A/C Condenser Unit | The Energy Centre

The Interior Unit

How to clean the interior of your A/C Unit | The Energy Centre

Removing Brush & Debris Around the Exterior Unit

How to remove debris from the exterior of an A/C Unit | The Energy Centre

Any time you are cleaning out the interior of an air conditioner, you should call in a professional. The process of cleaning the condenser alone is time-consuming, and you must be extra careful that you do not damage any of the coils in the process or accidentally puncture a refrigerant line.

If you have a manufacturer warranty, then you need a certified technician cleaning your air conditioner to maintain that warranty too.

Professional Air Conditioner Services | The Energy Centre

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