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Home Air Filtration & Ventilation Systems

Breathe Better with New Home Air Filtration & Ventilation Systems

Merv 11 Air filterKeeping your home’s air clean is important to maintaining your family’s health. That’s why at The Energy Centre in Ottawa we offer great home air filtration systems and ventilation products. From humidifiers to air purification systems, we can help you relieve allergies while ensuring quality air circulation in your home. Check out the brands we carry:



Over-dry air can cause unhealthy and damaging effects to your health. Protect your family with an Aprilaire® humidifier evaporator pad. The Energy Centre carries Aprilaire 550, Aprilaire 600, and the latest Aprilaire 700 model. We can also provide replacement media for Aprilaire air cleaner system models including the Aprilaire 2200 and the Aprilaire 2400.



Most people spend their days indoors. That’s why it is important to control your home’s humidity in order to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment. At The Energy Centre in Ottawa we carry the following GENERALAire® humidifiers:

1042 Humidifier

GENERALAire® Legacy Series 1042 Humidifier

Dry, itchy skin or dry sinuses and nose can be a result of low humidity in your home during the winter. You may find yourself with a clogged or swollen air passages that disrupt your breathing while trying to sleep at night. With a GENERALAire® Legacy Humidifier, you can improve your home’s comfort and breathe easy.

990-13 GENERALAire® Evaporator Pads

At The Energy Centre, we carry the following models that fit the 990-13 GENERALAire® Evaporator Pads:






GeneralAire Humidifier package

Read the 990-13 GENERALAire® Evaporator Pads brochure to learn how to properly change your pads.

Air Ventilation Filters

Electro Breeze Air Cleaner Ltd

Find great air cleaners at The Energy Centre. We carry Electro Breeze Air Cleaners Ltd brand electronic air cleaners. These electronic air cleaners have Electro Breeze has their signature purification system that has been proven to be one of the best and most efficient methods for cleaning air. With magnetic field technology, this product operates with 99% efficiency at one micron. This air cleaner is easy to install and has low operating and maintenance costs.

Lifebreath® HRVs

Improve your indoor air quality with Lifebreath® HRVs furnace filters. Furnace filters not only help maintain peak performance for your furnace, but can extend the life of the unit, reduce energy costs, and keep the air you breathe clean.

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