Put Your Central Air Conditioner Down for a Long Winter’s Nap

Published On: October 9, 2019Categories: Air Conditioners

After running all day every day during the spring and summer season, your central air conditioner will be ready to take a nap. Before you move the HVAC switch to heat, prepare your unit for the upcoming blustery winter season with an end of season air conditioner maintenance.

Ensure everything is ready for spring when you put these winter steps into play:

  • Do one more spring cleaning by removing any debris, including bird droppings.
  • Take a look for potential leaks, cracks, or rust in pipes and casings.
  • Put everything under wraps with a waterproof vinyl or plastic cover.
  • Keep an eye on things throughout winter by making weekly checks to remove debris and dirt.
  • As icy weather swoops in, remember to remove accumulating snow, ice, and water from the cover.

Are you overwhelmed at the idea of getting your air conditioner closed for winter? Take advantage of the expertise and skill of a certified HVAC technician. At Energy Centre, our technicians will come to your home, take care of your system, and let you get back to your day in about an hour.

Reach out to the team from The Energy Centre to take advantage of yearly air conditioner preventative maintenance this season. Read our Central Air Conditioner Maintenance guide to learn more about how you can keep your AC unit performing well for over a decade.