The Right Steps for Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance

Published On: September 11, 2019Categories: Air Conditioners

You would not drive an entire year in your vehicle without getting an oil change, so why assume your home’s air conditioner can run all year without preventative maintenance or a tune-up?

Your air conditioner, especially in the summer, could be running 24 hours per day, seven days a week. If you want to maximize efficiency, then you need to maintain it properly by:

  • Changing Your Furnace Filter: One easy way to keep an air conditioner running a peak efficiency is by changing your furnace filters every few months. A dirty filter not only affects indoor air quality but can cause strain on your AC unit – which in turn means higher energy costs.

How to change the furnace filter | The Energy Centre

  • Have an Annual Tune-Up: While there are DIY videos online, an annual tune-up by an HVAC specialist is best. Technicians come to your home and inspect the core components, including electrical wiring, coils, refrigerant lines, setting controls, fan blades, and more. They clean, check, and repair these main components so that you can use your air conditioner freely without adding unnecessary wear and tear.

Why is it important to have an annual A/C tune up? | The Energy Centre

Ideally, you should call a licensed, certified technician for your preventative maintenance. A professional has the tools and equipment, along with the industry expertise, to do maintenance in as little as an hour, but give you months of worry-free cooling.

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Call in the team from The Energy Centre to take advantage of yearly air conditioner preventative maintenance. Read our Central Air Conditioner Maintenance guide to learn more about how you can keep your AC unit performing well for more than a decade.