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Samsung® HVAC Mini Splits

Get Energy-Efficient HVAC Units in Ottawa

Efficient HVAC units in Ottawa are important pieces of equipment to have for your home or business. The HVAC Mini Splits from Samsung® allow you to beat the heat while simultaneously spending less on your monthly power bill. The Energy Centre offers a variety of mini split products from Samsung® including the following popular models:



novaAvailable in multiple capacities (Btu/h), the Novus series mini splits can cool and heat quickly, eliminating the need for waiting. It also operates quietly, meaning it’s perfect for areas where people may be sleeping.


Additional information can be found on the Novus on the Samsung® website.



maxThe Max has a wide range of advanced features meant to make it one of the best mini splits that Samsung® makes. Its features include a quiet mode, turbo mode, and anti-corrosion protections. It also has a Digital Inverter System, which conserves energy when trying to maintain a set temperature.


Additional information can be found on the Max on the Samsung® website.

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