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Financing: Application Information

If you are looking for a financing option, please fill out our application on this page so your situation can be assessed properly.


    Applicant Information



    Mortgage Information

    Applicant Employment Information

    Applicant Identification

    Purchase Information

    Sales Rep Information (Optional)


    The undersigned acknowledges and agrees, in connection with Home Trust Company making a determination in respect of this application, that (a) all information provided in this application is for the purpose of securing credit and warrants that it is true, correct and complete, (b) a credit/consumer report and other credit information containing personal information may be requested from a credit/consumer reporting agency and/or financial institution, (c) Home Trust Company is authorized to exchange with any credit/consumer reporting agency and/or financial institution, credit information covering this application for the purposes of determining eligibility for a business relationship with Home Trust Company.

    Home Trust Company, should it accept this application, intends to provide the above identified organization (hereinafter called the “Merchant”) with access to its finance program and technology. The Merchant will be required to enter into a formal Merchant Agreement before access to the Home Trust Company finance program will be granted.

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