Should I Get a Ducane Furnace?

Published On: January 3, 2022Categories: Furnaces

Which furnace will best meet the needs of your home in Ottawa? Ducane provides an array of options. It’s important to base your choice on more than just price. For example, consider the longevity and efficiency of your top picks! If you need help measuring your home to determine the right size furnace, you can count on The Energy Centre for efficient gas and electric furnace installation in Ottawa.

Ducane furnaces are both affordable and energy efficient. We’ve listed some of the top Ducane furnaces with AFUE ratings of over 92%. Here are some of the advantages of choosing a Ducane furnace:

  • Suitable for Canadian weather conditions (models below 80% AFUE not recommended for Ottawa customers.)
  • Smaller opening requirement makes retrofitting simpler.
  • Minimal duct usage minimizes disruptive installation.
  • Lower energy consumption equals lower energy bills.

We can help you choose the Ducane furnace that optimizes both energy use and comfort for your family. Some models have variable speed motors for better humidity and temperature control. If quiet start up is important to you, you’ll be happy to note that most Ducane furnace models start up slowly and gradually accelerate for less jarring start up noise.


Choose a Ducane Furnace with Your Needs in Mind


Let’s look at a few reliable models that reduce your Ottawa furnace maintenance:

  • 95G2V: This highly efficient two-stage model has a 95% AFUE rating, variable speed fan motor, and ENERGY STAR® Certification. The variable torque speed gives you maximum control over the heating temperature in your home.
  • 95G1E: This model has a one-stage motor for maximum output. It also comes with a 95% AFUE efficiency rating and ENERGY STAR® Certification. The constant torque motor further improves energy efficiency.
  • 95G2E: This model has a higher efficiency rating than the 95 G1E.
  • 92G1: With a single stage motor and AFUE efficiency rating of 92%, this model has a simpler design with fewer maintenance needs.
  • 95G1: This model has a higher efficiency rating than the 92G1.

If you’re looking for a new furnace in Ottawa, one of our knowledgeable team members can help. You can also rely on the Energy Centre for fast furnace repair in Ottawa.

For more information on top brands available at The Energy Centre, check out our other furnaces.