Should I Get an Air Conditioner this Year?

Published On: July 22, 2021Categories: Air Conditioners

Insights from Your Trusted AC Experts in Ottawa

As a homeowner, deciding where and how to invest your home improvement budget each year can be a tough choice. Update the kitchen, renovate the bathroom, finish the basement, or upgrade old appliances? There may be multiple items on your wish list, and prioritizing these items isn’t always an easy decision. This dilemma extends to your home’s HVAC system as well. If your home’s cooling is dependent on an air conditioner that is over 10 to 15 years old, does not cool properly, or needs frequent repairs, you may be wondering whether to invest in a new air conditioner this year, or try to extend the life of the existing one for another year.

The HVAC experts at The Energy Centre in Ottawa answer these frequently asked questions (FAQs) about central air conditioner installation, maintenance, and repairs.

Five Key Questions about Central Air Conditioners for Ottawa Homes

How do I know if my AC will last another year?

If your AC is over 10 to 15 years old and shows the below signs, it may leave you sweating on a hot summer day!

  • Inadequate air flow or absence of cold air
  • Uneven cooling in different zones that does not resolve with a thermostat replacement
  • Excessive leakage or moisture around the AC unit, which is damaging flooring or furniture
  • Loud sounds coming from the AC – banging, rattling, grinding, or other unusual sounds
  • Need for frequent repairs or component replacement to keep the machine up and running

When is the best time to replace my air conditioner?

With routine maintenance and tune-ups, central air conditioners function efficiently for about 10 to 15 years. At the end of their lifespan, you may notice a spike in energy bills, frequent component failures, and increased maintenance expenses. This is the best time to replace your AC and avoid any mid-season breakdowns or expensive repairs. Similarly, if your old AC uses the now banned R22 refrigerant (Freon), any time is a good time to invest in a new one.

How often should I have my AC serviced?

Get your AC serviced once a year to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. The ideal time to schedule an AC maintenance service is in the spring. An experienced and licensed AC service technician in Ottawa will conduct routine checks and cleaning for all the critical components, including the main unit, ducts, coils, drain tubes, compressor, filters and thermostat. Timely and routine servicing goes a long way in lowering cooling costs, improving indoor air quality, and extending the life of your AC.

How long does it take to install a central AC?

New AC installation usually takes between four to eight hours, including removal of the old unit and testing of the new one. The exact time for installing a central AC in your Ottawa home will depend on the:

  • Size of your home
  • Accessibility of the space where the interior AC components will reside
  • Dimensions of the new AC
  • Existing state of the HVAC ductwork.

A qualified and licensed AC technician can help you select an appropriate AC from a range of high-quality products.

How long should it take for my central AC to cool down my house?

Typically, a high-efficiency central AC cools down an average sized 3 or 4-bedroom Ottawa home by about 12 degrees Celsius in three hours. However, the cooling speed of your air conditioner will also depend on the:

  • Age, power, and size (tonnage) of your unit
  • Actual size and insulation of your home
  • Time of the year, exterior temperatures, and humidity levels

Not sure whether to repair and service your existing central AC or invest in a new one this year? Get in touch with the experts at The Energy Centre. Our service technicians can help you make a cost-efficient decision that will keep your Ottawa home cool and comfortable through many a hot summer. We supply a wide selection of leading air conditioner brands and offer prompt and reliable AC installation, maintenance and repairs, including emergency after-hours services.

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